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POM Studies

POM has undergone rigorous independent studies to demonstrate its effectiveness in regulating both FiO2 and ETCO2 under simulated patient conditions. These studies have shown that POM is able to aid in the accurate and consistent delivery of oxygen to the patient, making it a reliable choice for respiratory support during upper endoscopies.

Informational Videos

POM Assembly Instructions

To learn more about POM and how to properly assemble and use it, we invite you to watch some of our instructional videos. These videos provide a hands-on demonstration of POM in action and can help users get a better understanding of its features and benefits.

POM IN Awake Intubation Reissue

POM Use During EGD

Don't Just Detect the Problem..... Prevent It!

Hypoxic events account for 60% of all complications and/or deaths during conscious sedation. These events can have serious consequences for both the patient and the healthcare provider, making it essential to have a reliable system in place to prevent them from occurring. POM delivers the desired levels of oxygen to the patient, reducing the risk of complications and ensuring the safety of both the patient and the healthcare provider. Learn more on our blog.
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