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About POM

Origins From A Clear Need For Improved Procedural Endoscopy Masks

Before the invention of the Procedural Oxygen Mask (POM), several doctors were cutting holes into masks to allow probes and tubes to enter standard O2 masks during various types of procedures. This would lead to poor sealing and lower FiO2 levels for the patient.

This common issue inspired the team at POM to create two self-sealing membranes on an O2 mask over the nose and mouth to allow tubes, probes, and scopes to safely enter a patient’s oral or nasal passage and keep the patient highly oxygenated during the procedure.
Man on operating table with POM Mask on
A close up view of the POM Mask

The New Standard For Patient Care

In 2012, POM Medical was founded and released the procedural mask onto the market.  Since then, the POM has been successfully used in thousands of procedures within hospitals and surgery centers across the United States.  The POM has undergone rigorous independent lab testing to secure what is now considered “the standard of patient care.”

No More Modifying Medical Devices

POM’s mission is to ensure modifying medical devices become a thing of the past. With POM’s self-sealing membranes, medical staff will no longer have to cut holes into procedural masks. POM provides the best tools/masks to perform and deliver the highest quality of care to every patient.
Patient intubated through POM Mask

Benefits of POM

Improved Patient Care

POM is safer than traditional capnography masks due to dependable EtCo2 trends, which allow clinicians to be more proactive, prevent procedure stoppages, and keep the patient oxygenated.

Better Oxygen Delivery

POM maximizes oxygen delivery to 80-90% FiO2, which reduces the risk of hypoxia.

Malpractice Protection

Without POM, medical centers and their patients are vulnerable to risks associated with lower oxygen delivery and procedure interruptions.

Increased Adaptability

POM has two self-sealing entry ports and provides a panoramic view, allowing clinicians to clearly see behind the mask for optimal patient care. POM comes in two sizes, each with medium and high-concentration adapters.

Highlight Features Of POM

Adaptable with medium and high concentration adapters

Equipped with universal 07 ft. O2 lines

Universal 10 ft. Co2 sample lines

Compatible with most Co2 monitors, including Microstream™

Reduces risk of hypoxic events and procedure interruptions

Enhanced safety for patients who are obese or mouth breathers

Eliminates the need for makeshift modified O2 masks

Can be used for post-operative care, reducing facility costs

The POM is the only FDA-approved Class 2 device for improved patient care.

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